GIS & Remote Sensing University Labs

GIS & Remote Sensing University Laboratories contribute significantly in new advancements of GIScience and Geospatial Technologies. Through this page, the work and value of such GIS & Remote Sensing University Labs is going to be presented, informing about their activities, their awarded advancements (of projects. or/and personnes), enabling future Msc/Phd/Postdoc Candidates to be more familiar with their work. Additionally, in the quest of future partnerships in powerful Consortiums through research projects, this webpage will be a wealth of information for any P.I. (Principal Investigator) who seeks a cooperation with an assessed and successful University Laboratory on GIScience and Geospatial Technologies.
Any contribution to this goal - you could even present your laboratory - is appreciated. (Send a profile of your Lab to

1) Center for Geographic Analysis (CGA) of Harvard University

This is one of the first University Laboratories on GIScience and Geospatial Technologies worldwide.
The famous Center for Geographic Analysis (CGA) of Harvard University.

The Center for Geographic Analysis of Harvard University

Some of CGA's projects could be reached by clicking the following image.

 CGA projects

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