Thursday, August 3, 2017

Videos tutorials on Open Source GIS

An open source application, by definition, is software that you can freely access and modify the source code for [1]. Open source GIS programs like QGIS  (otherwise known as Quantum GIS), have succeeded in overcoming restraints of the first years and with the help of the international, scientific community, they show remarkable results in elaboration and efficiency of geodata analysis and beyond, through several geospatial modules and projects.
Self tutorial approaches on these projects can be done through manuals. However, a significant contribution and evolution in self-learning/free-learning is the provision of several videos tutorials (as we've approached in other posts in 2012 and 2014) on Open Source GIS programs, freely available to the public by TutorielGeo, through youtube.

 Tutorielgeo website

A more systematic approach on this method can be exploited in many ways: by schools, by academics and universities, by governments, by privates, by students, by simple end-users and much more, so as to develop spatial skills and awareness to the public to enhance their activities, providing further benefits to the society.

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