Monday, February 27, 2017

Changing for the Better the World with the help of GIS Technologies and Google Earth

Getting inspired by a later post of Google Earth Blog and the corresponding video (click on the image below), I've approached the importance of establishing a web platform / web-based bank of successful geospatial examples (best practices) on exploiting Geospatial Technologies towards Changing for the Better the World (GeoTCBW). Therefore, a new page will be created in GISBIOENVINET towards that goal, expecting the contribution from all of you by sending to my email ( any new, or old successful example (best practice) that you know on exploiting Geospatial Technologies Towards Changing for the Better the World, and I will upload it on the page by adding your name. Please don't forget to have as title of the email the acronym GeoTCBW.

Maybe, this kind of collection could be inspirational for current and future, restless spirits of geospatial,  innovational advancements for earth's benefits. Even more, such accumulation of Geospatial Excellence could be supportive and helpful to national and international organizations to overcome burdens of current unsuccessful efforts, so as to provide a future of opportunities and successful accomplishments for Earth.

Dr. Avraam Mavridis

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