Monday, May 16, 2016

GIS and Landscape Architecture

Combination of different scientific disciplines could provide an extra value of advanced accomplishments that could be difficult to be achieved without the contribution of some inspired and innovative individuals, either from a research institution, or from a university department, but this could be also achievable in the public sector too for the bennefits of citizens!
The Los Angeles County Enterprise GIS, one of the most ground-breaking and innovative county department that promotes the use of Geospatial Technologies to the public, has approached the combination of GIS with Landscape Architecture in an integrated and widely-distributed-to-the-public,  way.

The following message is coming from their portal :
" On  Tuesday, May 3rd,  the Board of Supervisors received and filed the Park Needs Assessment Executive Summary and discussed the draft language for a proposed park funding measure.
park_needsThis was a very GIS-intensive process, resulting in a large series of maps that profiled park needs across the County.  Each Study Area was profiled, and a report created that contains a base map, park metrics, map of where parks are most needed, amenity quantities and conditions, park need framework, project cost estimates, and submitted project reporting forms.

It is a ground-breaking method for engaging the community and communicating highly complex analyses in a straightforward and open manner.

The Board directed Department of Parks and Recreation Regional Park and Open Space District staff to return to the Board on Tuesday, June 21st for further discussion and possible vote on the potential park funding measure. In an effort to continue to get the word out and inform the public on the outcome of the Park Needs Assessment Report and the draft ballot language, we are partnering with the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust to conduct 11 regional public meetings throughout the County this month that will cover these two items.
You will find the final park Needs Assessment Report at "

Many congratulations!!!

I hope your pioneering work to be an example of excellence to other municipalities and counties all over the world!

With best wishes for new accomplishments,

Dr. Avraam Mavridis

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